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Although it is common to attribute the phenomenon of religious extremism and terrorism to Muslims, the many incidents that have recently taken the world by surprise have not been related to Muslims. These incidents include the atrocities committed by Serbian Orthodox fundamentalists in the Balkans...
The following discusses an individual’s decision to convert from Islam to Catholicism, and the resulting difficulties he faced.
The number of Christians is seriously diminishing in Arab countries. Conflicts in the region are behind their collective emigration.
The article reviews the story of the invention of the current Gregorian calendar, showing the historic background of differences in celebrating Christmas between Eastern and Western churches.
The article discusses a recent meeting between King ‘Abd Allāh of Saudi Arabia, and Pope Benedict XVI, the first meeting of its kind, and the implications that this meeting has.
The author reviews a novel authored by Assil Bassili entitled, ‘Irini Passi.’
‘Amr Bayyūmī reports on the opinions of representatives of the three largest Christian denominations in Egypt about the suggestion of removing the item of religion from identity cards.
The article is a personal interpretation of Islam presented by al-Nogaidan. He explores his experiences with Islam, beginning with extremist ideologies that were fostered in Saudi Arabia, to his realization of Islam as a try religion of peace.
Amīn Fahīm analyzes the crises of the Coptic Orthodox Church and attributed its causes to internal and external factors.
Another controversial statement from Pope Benedict XVI reads: “There is one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and […] outside this church there is neither salvation nor remission of sins.” Reactions from churches in Egypt varied between denunciation and doubts about the authenticity of an alleged...


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