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The leaders and representatives of the Orthodox Churches held a meeting in the Jordanian capital of Amman to discuss their vision towards the unity of the Orthodox Churches. 
The Archdiocese c of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe supported joining the Moscow Patriarchate through a general assembly vote, however the decision has not yet been ratified, according to a statement by the Archdiocese on Sunday, September 8th.
The Secretariat General of the Muslim World League, Dr. Shaykh Muḥammad bin ʿAbd al-Karīm al- ʿĪssā, held a historic summit with Patriarch Kirill the First, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, at the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow.  The summit is considered to be one of the most important...
 "Fire knows no history", a saying echoed by the people in Paris when a fire erupted in Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous religious and touristic edifices worldwide. Many church leaders all over the world sent their thoughts and prayers to France in these hard times.
In an appearance on a Russian Orthodox TV Channel, Pope Tawadros II emphasized that the situation in Egypt is good and improving step by step, while the relationship between the Church and the people is strong. 
The media dialogue between ‘Amrū ‘Abd al-Hamīd and Pope Tawadros II touched several important issues, above all to bring the relations between the Egyptian and Russian church back to their nature. 
For the first time, Pope Tawadros II visited Russia and stressed that there are no disputes between the Egyptian and Russian Church. He met the Patriarch of Moscow and they agreed upon the establishment of a common committee to resume the dialogue between the two churches. 
Pope Tawadros II. arrived at the Moscow Domodedovo airport on his visit to Russia, during which he met the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Cyril Read the original text in Arabic.
The Church was invited to participate in the “World Religions” conference in Astana due to its role as the national church and its good relationship with al-Azhar, both of which are examples of the tolerance that exists in Egypt, said Bishop Sārbiyūn, Archbishop of Los Angeles and representative of...
A delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church, including Bishop Rafael and Bishop Kyrollos, Bishop of Milano, visited Moscow a few days ago to prepare for Pope Tawadros’ visit. The meeting discussed possibilities of cooperation between the Russian and Coptic Orthodox churches.  Observers stated the...


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