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Max Michel Hanna, a Coptic bishop who founded the St. Athanasius Church separately from the Coptic Orthodox Church, demands the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to recognize his legitimacy and his new church as an independent one.
This article mentions a few things concerning Archbishop Maximus; namely his 3 month trip to the United States, and the temporary closing of his TV station.  
After the court refused to recognize Max Michel and his alleged church, 300 Copts who resorted to him to get divorce or second marriage are confused about the legitimacy of their conditions.
The article reports the Egyptian church’s stance on the first bishop to be ordained by Maximus.
This article highlights the viewpoint of Bishop Bissenti of Helwān and Ma‘sara, who has attacked Max Michel, and that of Maximus, who seeks to defend himself and his ideology.
This article presumes that Bishop Bīshūy’s aggressive attitude is due to the oppression that he was previously subject to.
The emergence of the first over-dissident movement in the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church has raised many questions and sparked heated debate in Coptic circles which suspect a Zionist conspiracy.
The Orthodox Church does not recognize the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Plymouth Brethren and Evangelists. It considers them as sects that have deviated from church references that are based on the Holy Bible, ecumenical councils, fathers’ sayings and church laws. Representatives of...
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