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London overlooked extremist fundamentalists in the 1990´s. When they started to make trouble, it passed a law allowing detaining them without a trial. London ignored requests for extraditing terrorists to their native countries until two Muslim militants launched attacks in Britain. The...
Saudi intellectuals preceded their Arab counterparts in submitting a number of collective demands to their government to effect political reform. The Saudi culture faces two main streams of thought: the reformist stream and the conservative stream, both cutting across the intellectuals and the...
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia saw many violent events and bombings after the Second Gulf War [1991] and Kuwait’s occupation by Iraqi forces. Terrorist acts started in 1995 with a car explosion killing three Americans. 2003 witnessed a development as a confrontation started between the Jihadi Stream...
In a climate of extremism, there are those who seek commercial benefits by provoking religious feelings. That’s why we study the Coca Cola rumor here. The rumor says that the Coca Cola logo reads in a mirror as "No Mohammed, No Makkah".
Maverick lawyer Mustafa Rasian is filing suit against the Interior Minister, Sheikh Al Azhar and the Grand Mufti of the Republic because of a new policy mandating that Hajj pilgrims wait five years before going to Hijaz again.
The Saudi government has established a special ministry for Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Islamic Propagation and Guidance to supervise Islamic activities and daawa [mission] work and look after the affairs of mosques. It is the newest addition to Saudi Arabia’s institutions that serve Islam.
The Saudi government build the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles, California, at a cost of $8.1 million.


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