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The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) published a report on freedom of teaching and research in Egyptian universities. The report presents that researchers at Egyptian universities face a variety of restrictions that limit their academic freedoms. The association that is made...
According to Muslim Brotherhood sources, Taha Wahdan, member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been appointed as the new Supreme Guide. 
Dr. Muhammad Dawūd, Islamic thinker and professor at the Suez Canal university, stated that the people will choose the ‘strong trusted one’ in the coming forthcoming presidential elections.
Al- Azhar Shaykh Ahmad al- Tayyib, in a visit to the site of the Suez Canal, stated that building the new canal is a form of jihad and an application of the civility of Islam and its tolerance.
Dr. Rafīq al-Daw, vice-chairman of the Iron & Steel Factory, donated the sum of EGP200,000 (roughly $34,000) for building a mosque inside the the Suez Canal University in the coastal governorate of Suez.
Muhammad Dā’ud, professor of Islamic Sharī‘ah at Suez University, says that the recent Fatwá issued against opposition leader Mohammad al-Barād‘ī for allegedly inciting civil unrest is fanatical. According to Dā’ud, the Fatwá is based on a crucial misunderstanding about Egyptian politics. “Al-Barād...
Watani interviewed a Christian woman who received an MA in education from Ayn Shams university and is now a teaching fellow in the Arabic department at the university.
Walīd Fā’iq and ‘Amr Farūq report on different opinions regarding the strong belief in superstitions in Egypt.
The Egyptian Shūrá Council approved the suggested draft law about children’s right in Egypt. The law stimulated heated discussions in and outside the council. The new law prohibits female genital mutilation and gives children the right to file claims against their parents if subjected to physical...


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