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The High Administrative Court has decided to ban students from entering schools while wearing a niqab (full-face veil).
In a fresh development in the continuing battle of the Front of Al-Azhar scholars, a report by the State Commissioners Authority has come out in favor of its dissolution, which was decided last year by Cairo Governor Abdel-Rehim Shehata. The Authority will submit its report to the Supreme...
The Administrative Judiciary Court of the State Council issued a ruling to stop the execution of and cancel the decision of the Supreme Council of Judges to ban the entry of veiled wives and daughters of judges to the premises and branches of the Judges’ Club, ruling that such a ban was a violation...
Dr. Abd Al-Rahim Shehata, Governor of Cairo, and his deputy explain why he dissolved the Society of Al-Azhar Scholars’ Front. Meanwhile Dr. Yehia Isma’il, President of the Society of Al-Azhar Scholars’ Front insists that they are the first to defend the Al-Azhar, and that there are no differences...
The Administrative Court on Sunday annulled a decree issued last June by Cairo Governor Abdel Rahim Shehata dissolving the board of directors of the Front of Al-Azhar ’Ulama.
The board of the EOHR reversed on December 18 its earlier decision to freeze the activities of the organization The board also promised to continue to battle for legal status, despite efforts by the state to derail the process.
The arguments against establishing a Christian party.


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