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The Supreme Administrative court has decided to postpone the hearing in the case of Christian born individuals who converted to Islam and then reconverted to Christianity.
The Muslim perception of Israel in light of the recent Gaza bombardment and the story of the fabled Abū Hasīrah dominate this week’s editorial.
Hishām Nājī Nazīr filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court, demanding the cancellation of his conversion to Islam. He cites as reasons the fact that no medical exam or questioning of his motives took place.
The author says the Supreme Administrative Court allowed women wearing Niqāb who are wives of judges to enter all judges clubs because hiding the face is not forbidden by the Sharī‘ah or the law.
Self proclaimed Bishop Maximus contests a ruling by the administrative court regarding identifying his religious title on his ID.
The Administrative Court has adjourned Jamāl al-Bannā’s lawsuit against the Grand imām of the Azhar and the minister of interior banning his books from being exported.
The amendments to the 1938 statute are being debated by the Christian denominations in Egypt. While the State Council's deputy chairman said that it contains points that violate the law, others such as Coptic thinker Kamāl Zākhir believes that it will encourage Christians to convert to Islam.
The Administrative Judiciary Court dismisses an appeal filed by lawyer Najīb Jabrā’īl against President Husnī Mubārak.
Al-Ahrār has published a special series of articles about the Bahā'ī faith in Egypt. The articles covered the history and origins of the Bahā'ī faith in Iran and also its development in Egypt.
In this article the author comments on the State’s Council Administrative Court of justice ruling that rejected the lawsuit filed by a lawyer against Doctor Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī asking for her Egyptian nationality to be taken away because she wrote a play entitled, ’God Resigns in the Summit Meeting’....


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