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11 Coptic lawyers accuse Max Michel of swindling and impersonating a patriarch even though the Administrative Court issued a judgment depriving him from this title.
Some nurses have abided by the minister of health’s decision that obliges nurses who deal directly with patients to remove the niqāb. Others, however, have objected to the decision, saying that wearing the niqāb is a personal freedom.
Egyptian churches call for an urgent law for the houses of worship.
Nurses object the decision that bans wearing the niqāb in hospitals and say that they will resort to filing a complaint to the court about the decision.
An administrative court in Cairo has delayed the sentence on the Coptic Orthodox Church’s appeal against a previous ruling that allows a Copt to obtain a church re-marriage license.
The Supreme Administrative Court has referred an appeal filed by a number of Christian-born converts to Islam but returned to their birth religion. This move went against a previous ruling that required identity cards to note that they had converted from Islam.
The Administrative Court of Justice has decided to cancel the Supreme Council of Culture’s decision to award Poet Hilmī Sālim the State Prize for Excellence in literature.
The author comments on the personal status law for Christians, and questions why it has remained shelved for 30 years.
The Egyptian press continues to concentrate on the current controversy surrounding the second marriage of Coptic divorcees and the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in this regard that obliges Pope Shenouda III to give Coptic divorcees who have obtained a divorce by a court ruling permission to...
An Egyptian administrative court has ruled against awarding the poet Hilmī Sālim the state literature prize. The poet has been criticized for committing religious contempt.


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