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Engineer Waʿd Allāh Abū al-ʿIlā, head of the Projects Sector of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, said that the work on the project to renovate the Church of the Virgin Mary at the Monastery of the Mountain of Birds [Dayr Jabal al-Ṭayr] began in 2018, after the Permanent Committee for Coptic and...
Dr. Mukhtār al-Kasbānī confirmed the Supreme Council of Antiquities’ intentions to display the Gospel of Judas at the Museum of Civilization. Several Copts expressed anger and disapproval. Al-Kasbānī responded, saying that he understands their concern, but that the Gospel needs to be displayed for...
This article gives a summary of the life and work of Coptologist and archaeologist Girgis Daoud (1930 – 2010).
The story of Dayr al-Maymoun, 50kms south of Cairo where St Anthony sowed the seeds of monasticism.
The following article comments on the bishop of Mallawī heading to the U.S. to update Pope Shenouda on the negotiations surrounding Abu Fana monastery.
The author presents an interview with Carolyn Ludwig, co-author of a new novel released by the American University in Cairo Press entitled, ‘The Churches of Egypt.’
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