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The Sheikh of the Azhar has sent a letter to the Shiaa conference in London trying to bridge the divide between Sunnis and Shiites, while not stirring up anger from Sunnis, in particularly the Azhar Scholar’s Front.
The author asserts that Egypt has the ability to face any troubles since the country has a deep-rooted strength supported by a wise leadership.
Al-Dustour publishes an article sent by Michael Munīr commenting on an article criticizing him by the Coptic researcher Majdī Khalīl.
In the symposium of “The heavenly religions and the Arabic identity,” the Sheikh of the Azhar said that heavenly religions came for all human beings and do not have any relation to the Arabic identity or any other identity. Pope Shenouda said that religions should have a universal direction and...
Lebanese intellectuals organized a meeting in support of Lebanese singer and composer Marcel Khalifeh on 5 October, which rapidly turned into a mass rally of 1,500 people demonstrating in favor of freedom of expression. Khalifeh had been the object of a court indictment accusing him of...
The lawyer defending 21 Hamas leaders and activists on Friday said a political settlement to the case of the detained members of the Islamic Resistance Movement was likely, more than a month after the authorities cracked down on the hard-line Palestinian movement.
Head of the Beirut-based Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi Shamsudeen arrived in Amman on Monday amidst reports of his possible mediation with the leadership in favor of the Islamic Resistance Movement.
Continuation of Islamic-Christian dialogue organized at the Gregoriana Papal Catholic University. Primarily human rights and the Muslim idea of freedom of religion.
The Permanent Committee for Scientific Research and Fatwa in Saudi Arabia issued a statement supporting what was issued by the Higher Islamic Theological Council in Lebanon regarding civil marriage.
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