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In an interview during a recent visit to Egypt to drum up political support, two officials from the Somali Islamic sharī‘ah courts denied links with al- Qā‘idah and the Afghan movement the Taliban. They pointed out that the courts enjoy a great deal of popularity after the "unjust warlords who...
‘Abd Allāh Mustafá reports on the latest survey conducted in The Netherlands, investigating people’s positions on the troop deployment to Afghanistan and how they feel this will affect their country with regards to possible future terrorist attacks.
The author talks about Abū Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī’s life and notes that al- Zarqāwī has turned out to be one of the most wanted terrorists and bloodiest criminals in the history of Iraq.
The author outlines the life of al-Mulā ‘Umar, the official leader of the Tālibān movement, and his mysterious character.
The author discusses the events of 9/11 and argues that the attacks were the pretext for a frightening campaign against Islam and Muslims.
The article focuses on the resignation offered by a professor in the fine arts college over a mounting ultra-religious trend that believes that art is harām [unacceptable from a Muslim point of view].
The controversial fatwa of the muftī of the republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘a, concerning the prohibition of full-figure statues has turned Egyptian newspapers into a field of debate, where Islamic thinkers voice their views on the issue.
An Egyptian living in America sent the author a message saying that Americans are among the kindest peoples in the world and that he felt very safe in America. He added that there was bitter hostility in Egypt towards the West and America, although America liberated Kuwait and fought against...
The spokesman of "Al- Mohagereen" (immigrants) group in Pakistan declared that 700 British-Muslims were fighting with the Taliban forces. He mentioned a list of volunteers, which included Muslims from European countries and the US and pointed out that Arab-Afghans supervised the volunteers travel...


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