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The Russian Supreme Court banned 15 Islamic organizations from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait and Pakistan to carry out any activities inside Federal Russia.
Arab and Islamic countries have turned a blind eye to extremists, thus giving them the green light to collect money and infiltrate into many establishments, such as educational institutions.
An American Egyptian movie suggests that Christ found the Pyramids disgusting and considered it statues and Herod’s Soldiers Arabs.
British investigators have discovered that two of the perpetrators of the London terrorist attacks two weeks ago, had gone to Pakistan to receive religious teaching.
The first question that comes to mind after the London explosions is: what took them so long? The answer may be that in the past four years the British authorities have succeeded in preventing attacks on a number of occasions.
Algeria insisted to abandon the teaching of religion in secondary schools as a conclusive solution to religious extremism and terrorism. Although neighboring Tunisia is a model of how to modernize religious education to serve the contemporary needs without having to abandon it, Algeria did not...
. Avon Ridely is a British journalist who converted to Islam after September 11. She said that the direct relationship between man and God attracted her to Islam.
After September 11, some people expected or hoped that political Islam would come to an end. However, events that followed showed that the consequences of September 11 did not only affect political Islam but also Islam itself. Some people in America called for combating Islamic ideas after...
A Christian reader comments on Islamic intellectual Mustafa Mahmoud´s article "American civilization." He points out that Eastern Christians differ from Western Christians in race, culture, language, traditions and even in understanding religion. Mahmoud supports this opinion.
After the events of September 11, it was said that Islam wanted to attack the Western civilization and that Christianity wanted to take revenge on Islam. Involving religions in the events in Afghanistan is against the voice of reason. The American attack was not aimed at Muslims in Afghanistan. It...


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