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The terrorist operations that took place today throughout Sinai responsible for 40 deaths and 30 injured aim at thwarting the Egyptian state. Meanwhile the General Secretary of the al-Nūr party asked the political leadership for firmness and decisiveness to eradicate the roots of terrorism in Egypt...
The Nūr Party started a campaign to support al-Sīsī in the presidential elections.
For the second week in a row, the Endowment Department in Minya failed to put the mosques of the Jamā’ah al- Islāmiyah under control. Last week this made Endowment Ministry officers file a complaint in the police station against Muhammad Yaqūb, a popular Salafī preacher. The same incident recurred...
Yāssir Burhamī, Vice-President of al- Da’wah al- Salafia and Nūr Party, said the party will select its presidential candidate next week after the high board meeting of the party. He said that he strongly rejects the method adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood in verbally attacking al- Sīsī through an...
Yūnis Makhyūn, head of the Nūr party, stated that their relationship to the Ministry of Endowments is good and that the communication and coordination with the ministry has no problems 
Shaykh Yāssir Burhamī, Vice President of al- Da’wah al- Salafiah, stated that his fatwás were tarnished on purpose. He criticized the misinterpretation of the fatwás which he states is deliberate. 
Sources from the Salafī al-Nūr Party stated that two leaders of the party were assigned to communicate with the campaigns of al- Sīsī and Sabāhī, the presidential candidates, and coordinate with them to meet with the Salafī Da’wah 
Salafīs continued to violate the decision of the Ministry of Endowments prohibiting sermons given by politicians and non-Azharites.
Religious political parties in Egypt are in a state of anticipation.
Leaders in the Nūr party confessed to having contacts with former NDP members in order to convince them to put their names on the Nūr electoral lists.


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