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Head of the Nūr Party board, Tāriq Suhry, stated that the coming parliament will be dissolved as its law is unconstitutional. He stated that the law stipulates that Copts and women be on the lists and added that this is a form of discrimination that is against the Constitution.
Sources within the Nūr party revealed that the party and the Salafī Call group are making preparations  to support the nomination of General Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī for the presidency by transforming their campaign of “Yes for the Constitution” to The Campaign for Supporting al- Sīsī’s Nomination...
Dr. Yāssir Burhāmī, Vice President of al- Da'wah al-Salafiah, stated that the Da'wah and the Nūr party have nothing to do with the posters that state "did you pray for the prophet today?"
Sources stated that Dr. Yāssir Burhamī has resigned  from his position in  Nūr party to dedicate his time to preaching as well as to end his issue with the Ministry of Endowments which refuses to give him a license as he still practices political work
The Nūr Party has criticized Dr. Muhammad Mukhār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments, for implementing the law that prevents non- Azharites from giving sermons in mosques.  
After issuing the Parliamentary Elections Bill, the Minister of Transitional Justice agreed with some parties representatives that the electoral lists must hold three Copts and 7 women.
Sources in the Nūr party have expressed their dismay at the new parliamentary elections law which have conditioned that both Copts and females be put on parties’ electoral lists. 
Nūr Party has congratulated the Egyptian people who have completed an important step for stability and building the institutions of the state, namely the presidential elections, the results of which showed a sweeping victory for al- Sīsī. 
Dr. Yūnus Makhyūn, head of the Nūr Party, stated that the hatred of the Egyptian people to the Muslim Brotherhood has been reflected on Hamas. 
The Nūr Party accused other political parties of trying to tarnish the image of al- Nūr out of fear that it dominates the coming parliamentary elections. 


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