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On Friday evening, protests calling for the downfall of the regime broke out in several Egyptian cities and continued until early Saturday morning.  However, most of the Egyptian media didn’t mention them.  Their coverage came in different forms: ignoring the protests, reporting inaccurately that...
An article on the Nahda Movement in Tunisia.
Over the past forty years Egypt has witnessed several trends of organized and socially-framed religiosity. The first of these trends emerged at the end of the seventies and continued throughout the eighties of the last century, with the emergence of what was at the time named the ‘Islamic Awakening...
The issue of church building in Egypt is among the most misunderstood and misreported subjects affecting Muslim-Christian relations.
Mai Magdy is an Egyptian English language trainee working in our office. She is a graduate from Cairo University in the field of media communications. In taking advantage of her skills in the course of providing her opportunity to learn English writing skills and research patterns we asked her to...
On June 21, 2009 violent conflict broke out between Muslims, Christians, and security forces of Izbet Bushra, a small village located in the governorate of Beni Suef, approximately 120 kilometers south of Cairo.
This report provides an overview of different human rights organizations in Egypt and th
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More details were published about the recent incidents against Bahā’īs in al-Shūrānīyah village. Bahā’īs are eager to proclaim their religious rights, and the media seem to be keeping the issue in the spotlight.
Gerrit Roos investigates the complex relations between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. He interviewed a number of Christian figures and analyzes the reasons why people emigrate from the country.


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