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Pope Shenouda heads to Wādī Natrūn to celebrate the 57th anniversary of his monasticism.
Ayūb traces the Waqf system in Egypt back through its history. The article mentions that the golden age of the Waqf system was the 12th-18th centuries. The system was continued throughout Muhammad ‘Alī’s era and he used revenue from the Waqf system to fund his own projects to modernize Egypt....
The Coptic Orthodox Church keeps its distance from the peaceful opposition gathering of Copts in the church of ‘Izbat al-Nakhl.
Pope Shenouda is back in Alexandria after a 12-week absence.
Pope Shenouda defrocks his deputy in Alexandria. The community council refuses the term “defrock” and calls the decision a “normal procedure.”
The Sultan Monastery is considered the most valuable Coptic Orthodox Church property in Palestine. Israel gave it to the Ethiopian Church.
Watani recalls the clash between monks and bedouins at the Abu-Fana monastery in southern Egypt, and claims that injustice to the Christians has not been redressed.
Al-Dawākhilī talks about the close relationship between Tharwat Bāsīlī and the church thanks to his post as Undersecretary of the Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He also describes the function of the Community Council.
Rumors spread attributing Pope Shenouda’s repeated absence from his weekly sermons in Alexandria to alleged conflicts with the governor. Church sources deny the rumor and announce the pope will recommence his sermons soon.
This article discusses the fluctuating two faced relationship between the church and expatriate Copts. Although the church seeks to strengthen the role played by expatriate Copts abroad, it, at the same time, puts on the mask of being the calming force between the state and expatriate Copts in...


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