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European Copts have been invited to attend a conference on religious freedom in Egypt that will be held in Germany later this month.
Dār al-Iftā’ issue a fatwá claiming that polygamy is not prohibited in Judaism and Christianity according to the Torah and the Bible. The fatwá aroused Christians’ resentment.
Salama writes about Pope Shenouda III’s inauguration of the first phase of the project of the Coptic Orthodox Culture Centre and the Saint Mark Public Library in Anba Ruways grounds in Abbasiya, Cairo.
Sidhum writes about the apparent government avoidance of a bill for the unified law for building places of worship and different viewpoints on this issue.
The article highlights the growing demands of setting up church councils as they have been delayed for a while because of Pope Shenouda’s III poor physical state.
The author describes the emotional and impressive homecoming of Pope Shenouda after his medical absence in the U.S. The author also discusses the many issues within Egypt and the church that the pope is now faced with addressing. These include several postponed rituals, decisions, and the review of...
Hānī Samīr wrote in al-Dustūr about the confusion of Christians over the amendment of the 1938 regulation and the unified personal status law. He describes the comments of various people involved in the situation.
The author describes various positions on the demonstrations of Expatriate Copts abroad. Foreign countries, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic organization seem to be little affected by these demonstrations.
A recent presidential decree has approved amendments to the personal status code for Copts. The article explains that this new code should put an end to discrepancies concerning court rulings in divorce cases and has been welcomed by Copts.
The author comments on the personal status law for Christians, and questions why it has remained shelved for 30 years.


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