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General Muhammad Ibrāhim, Minister of Interior, has announced that more than 40 terrorist cells including more than 225 terrorists, involved in the assassination of police personnel, have been arrested.  
Muhammad Na’īm stressed that the terror organization “Soldiers of Egypt”, which planted a bomb at Midān al-Nahda al-Misr, is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and is very similar to “Jamā’ah Ansār Baīt al-Muqqadas”. General Hussām Lāshīn stated that Egypt is in war and that the incident of the...
The Attorney General, Council Hishām Barakāt, has referred twenty members of the terrorist group Ajnād Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) for an immediate criminal trial, accused of killing police officers, citizens, and damaging public and private property and possessions.
72 hours after the terrorist organization Ajnād Masr (Egypt’s Servicemen) announced planting explosive devices near Itihadiyyah Palace, three bombs went off killing two officers and injuring six in the process. The bombings adhered to the exact specifications detailed in Ajnād Masr’s statement. 
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al-Dawlah al-Islāmīyah fī al-ʻIrāq wa-al-Shām (DAISH), issued a call on the online Jihadist media outlet for the terrorist group, ‘Egypt’s Servicemen,’ Ajnād Masr, to attack the presidential Itihādiyyah palace. 
Primary Urgent Affairs Court has ruled to ban the “Ajnād Misr” organization and classify it as a terrorist organization
A video exhibit of the terror organization Ajnād Misr was presented to the Guīza Criminal Court, capturing an “interview” with one of the militants on the organization, the reason behind using its name Ajnād Misr (Soldiers of Egypt). The face of the interviewer was hidden behind a mask.  
An investigation by Giza’s Security Services revealed on Wednesday the details of the arrest of a terrorist operative involved in several attacks in the Imbāba area.
The Directorate of Giza Security said that the National Security Directorate has information that Mūstafa Mesbāh, accused of joining the terrorist group Ajnād Misr has contacts with leaders of Al-Qā`eda.
Egypt's interior ministry said that the two militants killed on Wednesday in the Cairo suburb of Ma`ādi were planning attacks in response to the earlier killing of an Agnād Masr militant group leader by authorities.


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