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Renowned poet Fārūq Jūwayda, an advisor to the president, announced on Thursday (November 22) his withdrawal from a constituent assembly drafting a n ew constitution for Egypt in a letter he officially addressed to the panel’s chairman, Judge Ḥusām al-Ghiryānī.
Officials of the constituent assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt said in a press conference on Monday (November 19) said that there was no justification for the withdrawal of the churches and civil powers.
Several intellectuals, Muslim and Christian clerics, academics and media people called for keeping intact Article 2 of the Egyptian Constitution and urged the drafting of independent articles stressing citizenship and full equality in socio-economic rights in the constitution.
The crisis of the withdrawal of Egyptian churches’ representatives from the constitution-writing panel has dominated discussions inside as controversy continued over the reasons behind the decision taken by churches, represented by five members.
Shaykh Yāsir Burhāmī, deputy chairman of the Salafī Daʿwa (Call), severely criticized the church’s representatives on the panel and others who threatened to quit, adding they seek their own interests and do not care about accordance.
Former Grand Muftī of the Republic Shaykh Naṣr Farīd Wāṣil, who represents the Azhar on the constituent assembly writing a new constitution for Egypt, said he does not see any reason for the withdrawal of the representatives of churches from the constitution panel, adding the differences are not...
Bishop Yuhanna Qultah, the deputy patriarch of the Coptic Catholics and a representative of the Egyptian churches in the constituent assembly writing a new constitution for Egypt, announced the withdrawal of the three churches from the panel.
Counselor Husām al-Ghiryānī, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt and Chairman of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said the draft constitution will be subject to amendments during the next few days. [Muhammad Hijāb, al-Ahrām, Nov. 14, p. 5] Read...
‘Amr ‘Abd al-Hādī, a member of the constitution-drafting panel’s communications & proposals committee, said differences still exist over Article II as both the 1938 Copts League and Salafists refuse its current drafting.  
Meanwhile, Nādir al-Sirafī, the official spokesman of the 1938 Copts League, which advocates divorce and remarriage in Christianity, threatened to challenge the unconstitutionality of an article proposed by the church in the constitution that reads “non-Muslims may have recourse to their own...


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