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Christian converts to Islam who re-embraced Christianity and were given the right to change their religion on official papers back to Christianity are complaining on a daily basis that the Ministry of Interior does not approve the court ruling, allegedly because of the involvement of some...
On March 16 the Supreme Administrative Court passed a ruling allowing Bahā’īs to leave the religion field on their official documents blank. The ruling marks the end of a five year battle on the part of the Bahā’īs but has unfortunately been marred by sectarian events that took place against them a...
Ranā Mamdūh reports about granting the Bahā’īs the right to put a (-) in the religion slot of their identification cards.
The article discusses a lawsuit filed by the Evangelical church in Egypt to secure rights to build churches in new settlements.
The article comments on a report that appeared on the Islam Online website in which the grand imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyīd Tantāwī emphasizes the importance of not granting Bahā’īs official legitimacy by recognizing their religion on their personal identification papers.
The article looks at recent incidents of fundamentalism in Egypt, citing the examples of a university course at Alexandria University and an Islamic thinker who has accused priests of secretly baptising converts.
The Egyptian government refuses to implement the Administrative Court’s decision which cancelled the annual Jewish celebration at the tomb of Rabbi Abū Ḥassīrah without giving any reasons.
Watani presents an overview of the crisis surrounding a plot of land allocated to the church in Marina.
The author discusses the Minister of Labor ‘Ā’ishah ‘Abd al-Hādī’s response to the International Labour Organization’s report which claimed that Copts were discriminated against in Egypt. She claims that Copts are ten per cent of the Egyptian population, and control 30 per cent of the Egyptian...
The Commissioners Board at the Supreme Administrative Court has rejected to permit Christians who have embraced Islam to revert back to Christianity. It has called to create a distinguishing sign to be written on their identity cards.


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