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The Administrative Court realized the danger of conversion to Islam for fulfilling personal aims before asking to re-embrace Christianity. The author argues that the church authorization of divorce will solve complicated problems of conversion.
The Administrative Judicial Court affirmed that a father’s conversion from Christianity to Islam does not forbid the son from maintaining his Christian identity.
The Ministry of Interior has not applied the laws regulating conversion to Islām since 2004. Consequently, all conversions that have taken place since then are invalid. The father of a converted teenager raises this question in his lawsuit against the minister of interior, minister of justice, and...
Kiwan interviews Māhir al-Jawharī, who converted to Christianity from Islam, discussing al-Jawharī’s lawsuit submitted to the Administrative Judiciary Court, as well as a background on the problems he encountered after his conversion.
This article gives an overview of the Egyptian/Arab Press, including English language media, about Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim and the Ibn Khaldoun Institute.


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