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Reverend Rifʿat Fatḥī, general secretary for Evangelical Synod of the Nile and the Evangelical Church’s representative in the personal status law discussions, said that the Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches have come to an agreement on the provisions of the personal status law. 
After more than 15 years, the theological magazine al-Nisūr returns to its readers in a new form as one of the most well-known theological publications in the Arab world, and resume the important role in theological studies that it had assumed since its original publication.
The draft of a law for Christian families in Egypt has again resulted in disagreements between churches, which were conveyed in notes sent to the government.
Representatives of Egypt’s Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Churches officially submitted a draft of the personal status law for Christians in Egypt to Sharīf al-Shādhilī, advisor to Prime Minister Muṣṭafā Madbūlī.  Now the government will hand it over to parliament, so it can become law.
Reverend Dr. George Shākir, vice president of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, and Reverend Isḥaq Marzūq, president of the Synod of Baptist Churches, opened a church and seminary in al-Shurūq city. 
The ruling that the Supreme Administrative Court issued in the appeal to not allow the Episcopal Church to split from the Evangelical Church has not settled the ongoing religious and organizational dispute between the two sides regarding the latter’s subordinance to the Protestant Community and its...
The Catholic, Evangelical and Episcopal churches of Egypt have announced that they have joined with al-Azhar and the Vatican to pray on Thursday May 14, for humanity to be relieved from the novel coronavirus pandemic, at the invitation of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity.
Bishop Bākhūm, official spokesperson for the Catholic Church, said that the Catholic Church in Egypt finished the personal status law for Copts and that it has been handed over to Pope Tawāḍrūs II so that it can be handed over to parliament afterwards.  Bishop Bākhūm added that the Catholic Church...
The Evangelical Church is following the current situation closely. The church is noting the active efforts being made across the board by state-run sectors and entities to combat the coronavirus, and to contain the crisis which is threatening both the country and the world at large.
Churches have settled on a group of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus among churchgoers whenever they return for religious services.  This is in addition to a forthcoming decision by the Egyptian Cabinet about reopening houses of worship in mid-June.  Measures...


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