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Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III met with Ahmad Diyā’ al-Dīn, al-Minya governor. A source from the papal seat stated that they discussed the crisis of the new Maghāghah bishopric and that the governor was keen that Copts are not subject to persecution, but he must implement the law. For his part,...
Over a series of four editorials printed last October, I tackled the practices exercised by Minia local authorities against the Copts in the governorate. A file I had received from the bishopric of Maghāghah and Adwah in Minia was packed full of details that could be described as collective...
 A dispute between a Coptic researcher and a bishop over the approval of a dissertation on the Coptic language. 
The Dayr Mawwās district awaits the results of the National Democratic Party’s electoral complex. Candidate Ibrāhīm Ilyās says that promises to calm the current sectarian tension, along with allowing visits to previously prohibited tourist sites, dominate the votes. Current representative, ‘Alā‘...
The article describes the release of two Coptic contractors who were charged with killing a young Muslim man at Abū Fānā monastery.
The article highlights the situation of Bishop Dimitrius of Mallawī against a dissertation on Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
The custody of the religious institutions on scientific research leads to the suspension of a dissertation about the Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
A Muslim’s dead body is found in the grounds of Deir Abu-fana Monastery


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