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Christians thank president Mubarak for making January 7 a holiday. Announcement of this issue of RNSAW being the last one with this name.
Comment on Egyptian press criticizing MEMRI.
Text of the official statement.
A Muslim saying that crucifixion is nothing but a fiction says what his religion teaches him. He may state this without the intention to be offensive to Christians. But Christians will feel offended. To avoid offensiveness, it is better to introduce Islam without saying “unlike Christianity” and to...
The Cairo Foreign Press Association organized a visit to Coptic Old Cairo with Prof. Dr. Peter Grossmann and asked Cornelis Hulsman to write a report for the FPA Bulletin in May 2002. Hulsman pointed out that visiting Old Cairo with a scholar is very different from visiting it with Coptic clergy.
Osama Salama´s words are sharp, full of anger about Coptic emigrants. People in Egypt, other Arab countries, Europe, the US and Israel itself protest against the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. But where are the voices of the emigrant Copts and Arab Christians? We checked the Copts...
The article gives the impression that the general opinion in Germany is opposed to the building of mosques. Revd. Dr. Wolfram Reiss, a German scholar and pastor who published before in the RNSAW, argued in correspondence with the RNSAW that this view is incorrect.
Media critique on the Palestinian issue in the Egyptian Press. Meeting with Bible Society director Ramez Atallah about the way the Bible has been translated into Arabic.
Visit to monasteries in the Wadi al-Natroun organised by RNSAW. Media attention for RNSAW work.
Computer problems in AWR office due to a virus.


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