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The UN Security Council encouraged Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, at its meeting, to resume the negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) through African Union-led mediation, with a view to finalizing the text of a mutually binding and acceptable agreement on operating the dam as...
The International Court of Justice has reiterated its rejection of the request submitted by the Freedom and Justice Party of the Muslim Brotherhood which called for investigating the crimes post June 30, 2013 and the violence of security forces against its supporters. 
Anwar `Eshqi (the retired Saudi general and former Cabinet adviser) said that the visit of the Saudi Monarch’s adviser Dr. Ahmad al-Khatīb to the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam was not in any way meant as a retaliation.
Egypt’s Minister of Endowments’ point of view on the importance of dialogue between religions and cultures. Two interviews published in this issue as result of the visit of two Egyptian journalists to the Netherlands.
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