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Google celebrated the 141st birthday of Hudā Shaʿarāwī, who was responsible for beginning the women’s liberation movement in Egypt and who was born on June 23, 1879 in al-Minya governorate. Shaʿarāwī has made a great history in the feminist movement in Egypt.
Intensive contacts between Egyptian feminist movements and Tunisian human rights activists and MPs discuss means and ways to benefit from the Tunisian experience in introducing provisions for the equality in inheritance between men and women.
The Egyptian Feminist Union (EFU) considers the exclusion of women from leading positions, such as the judiciary, is a form of discrimination.
President of the Egyptian Feminist Union (EFU), Dr. Hoda Badrān, supported the decision of Dr. Jāber Nassār on banning the Nīqāb in hospitals, as first step towards expanding the ban to wear it in other public places, such as schools. The president of EFU confirmed that, besides being the cause...
Courtesans hit the streets,  while I stood there to watch them. Mourning in black and walking in reverence,  they passed the roads, when, suddenly, troopers on their unbridled horses dispatched them with their swords. It is with these verses that the Egyptian poet, Hāfez Ibrahīm, described...
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