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Islamist are divided on the international campaign that the Ministry of Endowments has launched recently to change the name of ISIS in the media to the “Offshoots of al- Qā’idah”. 
The State Security Prosecution headed by Councilor Tāmir al- Firgāny, has heard the testimony of  Abu Mus’ab who is the head of the ISIS Suez cell
The Endowments Department in Qena has started to investigate the chair of the syndicate of imāms and preachers in the governorate, Shaykh Qurāshī Salāmah
The general prosecution headed by Counselor Sharīf ‘Imād al- Dīn has ruled to imprison Ahmad Mus’ad al- Mi’adāwī, member of ISIS, for 15 days pending investigations.
Egyptian President ‘Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī threatened to crush ISIS if it comes near Egypt. 
Security Sources stated that ISIS entered into Sinai and committed several beheadings to instill fear in people’s hearts. 
Dr. ‘Ibrahīm Nigm, advisor to the grand muftī, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is resorting to the taqiyah method and trying to set the stage until the opportunity comes to announce that it has adopted ISIS’s thought. 
In its provocative publication, al-Naba’ Newsletter, the Islamic State (IS) renewed its threats to Copts in Egypt, saying that “targeting churches is a part of our plan of war.” 
Dāʿish, also known as "ISIS". the terrorist organization, has acknowledged its failure to create sectarian strife within the Egyptian society. The latest issue of the organization’s weekly magazine " al-Naba”, said with regard to the recent church bombings in Tanta and Alexandria: "The predominant...
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