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The World Book Day is celebrated on April 23 every year in order to promote for reading and strengthen the cultural aspects of the book. Recognized by the UNESCO, this celebration is an opportunity to examine and review the proper methods of disseminating culture and making it available to all.
The churches, both in Egypt and throughout the world, cried over the Notre Dame fire that consumed the roof of the cathedral before toppling one of its massive towers.  
The first Egyptian woman to work in costume and scenic design for theatre, Sakina Mohamed Ali [Sakīna Muḥammad ʿAlī], died Tuesday at the age of 85. 
In the headquarters of the State Information Service, Cairo, the two-day International Conference ‘League of Arab States and Alliance of Civilizations: A Message to Media Professionals’ is organized by the League of Arab States (LAS) in cooperation with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations...
The Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers kicked off today morning in Manama [al-Manāmah], capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Conference is organized by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in cooperation with the Bahrain...
The Abū Harība Mosque, which decorates the 50 EGP banknote, is at the edge of becoming a garbage dump and public toilet!
  Saint Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Natrūn Monastery announced the opening of the shrine of the late Pope Shenouda III to visitors. The monastery is to receive Coptic and Muslim visitors to earn blessings and learn about his private life.  
In an effort to promote religious tourism, members of al-Wafd Party, Assiut branch, visited the Dayr al-Muḥarraq, also known as the Muharraq Monastery, in al-Qūṣiyyah Markaz (country’s subdivision).
The birth of the Prophet Muḥammad and the fast period that precedes the birth of Jesus are these beautiful occasions on which all Egyptians exchange congratulatory sentiments, and share traditional foods and dishes typical for these festivities. Adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its...
The Egyptian-Russian Fund for the Support of Science and Culture and the Russian News Publishing House have released a new innovative book narrating the Journey of the Holy Family to add to the cultural, national and religious heritage of Egypt.


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