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Despite press reports claiming the rejection of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya to ongoing efforts by some of its former members to establish a political party, the would-be founders vow to move on. Dialogue is said to be taking place between leading members of several Islamist groups including the Gamaa...
The minister of justice has announced new restrictions on the marriage of Egyptian women to foreign men, many of whom are Saudis. But the proposal has come under fire from many quarters. It could push men to seek an Urfi marriage.
There are in the history of Egyptian women tens of examples that said, still say and insist that "religion is for God, the country for all." Four Egyptian Christian women are profiled here as examples to show that Coptic Christian women are patriotic Egyptians.
Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, the sheikh of Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious institution urged Kosovars on April 18, to stand up and fight in defense of their homeland.
Continuation of Islamic-Christian dialogue organized at the Gregoriana Papal Catholic University. Primarily human rights and the Muslim idea of freedom of religion.
To the more hardline of Britain’s 1.75 million Muslims, this month’s 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Islamic State (Khilafah) by modern Turkey’s secularist founder Mustafa Kamal is a stark reminder of the West’s enduring hostility to Islam.
Claims made in a recent issue of the French magazine Le Figaro about the situation regarding Copts [Coptic Christians] in Egypt are discussed.
The Grand Imam of the Azhar is a respectable scholar and a shrewd jurist who opens his heart to different opinions. He welcomes a dialogue with anyone on condition that he sticks to the rules of dialogue.
The Crusader wars were a disgrace to the West. They launched various attacks during the 19th century. They succeeded in occupying the Islamic world, and they planted Israel inside the Islamic world. We learned from history that such attacks will not cease until there is a decisive confrontation...
The well-known director of the Ibn Khaldoun Institute sees the government has taken a few positive steps to improve the situation of the Copts.


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