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Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney-General and lawyer for Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, was in Cairo this week to bring attention to the case of the imprisoned cleric.
The government is trying nowadays to carry out an insurance project for the foreign tourists to protect them against terrorism.
The Holy Qur’an gives a prominent place to the Copts among Christians. The Prophet Mohammed’s uncles and his son’s uncles are Copts.
In the previous articles in Usbua reference was made to this article. The RNSAW found the text and translated it for its readers. Maurice Sadek is accused of demanding foreign intervention to protect the Copts of Egypt. Sadek explains his views.
In the previous parts of this debate Maurice Sadek, President of the center of Human Rights and National Unity had accused the Egyptian government of being racist and has asked for its resignation. Sadek continued in this part his dialogue on the religious persecution law that he describes as an...
The United Nations celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10. In Egypt the media uniformly ignored the Paris celebrations.
False claims are made that Islam violates human rights. The notion of human rights in the West is used to make false claims against Islam.
A few days ago, the French paper ’Le Monde’ revealed the escalation of religious persecution practices in Israel by the government and extreme Jewish groups. The paper said the acts of persecution are directed against Christians and Muslims in the occupied Arab territories and in Israel itself.
On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee for the International Declaration of Human Rights, which is being celebrated these days by the world, the Research and Studies Center of Third World Countries, of the Political Science College at Cairo University, has held a symposium on the future of human...
The secretary-general [of the EOHR] was called in for investigations and was detained by the prosecutor. He said that the cheque had no relation to the report on el-Koshh.


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