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Dr. Osama El-Baz announced that the material published in the foreign media concerning discrimination against Copts is out of line and lacking in truth, and that the Copts stand against the material that uses ’persecution’ to get at Egypt and weaken its stand.
Ninety eighty percent of the US Senate voted for the religious persecution law which forces the White House to take measures against countries accused of practicing any form of religious prosecution. Despite objections to the law while it was being discussed [in Congress] earlier this year, the...
The article calls Coptic human rights lawyer Maurice Sadek a source of lies and gives several examples.
EGYPTIAN Christians have been subjected to horrific crucifixion rituals, raped and tortured by the security forces during a crackdown on the ancient Coptic community, according to international human rights and Christian groups.
A long overview of the growth of Islam in the USA.
Details are given of Christian missionary activity in Albania.
Missionaries are responsible for the events in East Timor, according to the paper.
This article is a continuation of another one published last week about the missionary origin of the American university in Cairo.
The Coptic author visited the USA and compared American publications on the situation of the Copts with what he has experienced in Egypt. Copts, the author believes, have become a hot issue that the enemies of Egypt will continue to bring up now and again.


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