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Following the arrest of both Dr. ‘Ādil Fawzī, representative of the Middle East Christian Association in Egypt, and his assistant Peter ‘Izzat, expatriate Copts are trying to establish a global Coptic union that will assemble various Coptic organizations working in Egypt and abroad.
Albier ‘Āzir Bārih sends a press message to Michael Munir, chairman of the U.S. Copts Association, in which he criticizes his frequent attacks at the Egyptian regime. Bārih accuses Munir’s statements of causing sectarian tension in Egypt.
The prominent Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote about a number of topics related to the developments in the Egyptian and Arab arenas, sending a number of press messages to figureheads in the Arab world.
President of U.S. Copts Association [USCA] Michael Munīr will visit Cairo to continue his suspicious discussions about the persecution of Copts in Egypt.
While some consider the proposed anti-terrorism law a violation of an individual’s freedom and privacy, others consider this proposed constitutional text to be a means of avoiding terrorist attacks in Egypt. Arguments about citizenship and article two are still the main subjects of all debates...
The article discusses various aspects of Coptic emigrants.
Missio report on “Christian persecution?”Media attention for RNSAW work. Media critique on a pressrelease by the US Copts Association about problems around church restoration in the village of Shutb, 5 km Sawth of Assiut.
The US Copts Association issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to Egyptian issues and its support for the Palestinian issue. It declared its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to free their land from Israeli occupation. The statement also refuted claims about its...
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The The National Council for Human Rights holds a conference to discuss Coptic issues.


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