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This article reviews some Coptic thinkers’ answers to this question: Why does the government respond to the demands of expatriate Copts and ignore Copts inside Egypt?
Bishop Marcos of Shubra el-Kheima and Father Abdel Massih of the Saint Mary Church in Musturod oppose new songs in the church.
The cave of the Holy Family in Mustorod is being restored and receives a new image. The church is in the possession of a miracle icon which brings healing for ailments.
The Holy Family had a unique journey in which they passed through almost all Egypt. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Maqsud, the general manger of Sinai and East Delta monuments said that the Holy Family has stopped in many places. The most important places were in Sinai. Concerning the preparations for the...
The Abu Serga Church in Old Cairo is plagued with an overflow of unwanted underground water. Fortunately, Abu Serga Church is one of seven Holy Family sites selected for restoration by the newly-formed National Egyptian Heritage Revival Association.
The Egyptian private sector is taking the lead in restoring the Holy Family sites which are being promoted as a destination for religious tourism in June 2000. On 1 June next year, modern-day pilgrims from around the globe will follow the route the Holy Family took from Sinai through the Delta to...
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