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The author discusses the increasing phenomenon of Coptic girls converting to Islam, and considers the reasons behind these conversions.
Coptic Easter celebrations were discussed in this week’s issue of AWR, however the issue that really stole the limelight was President Mubārak’s Easter message to Coptic expatriates.
Max Michel’s lawyer asserts the legitimacy of the archiepiscopate of Bishop Maximus I, expressing that Michel belongs to the Holy See of the Orthodox Church that adopts the Julian calendar.
The article discusses Yūsuf Sidhum’s recent speech at Claremont Graduate University in California, and highlights Sidhum’s expectations for the reform that is anticipated in Egypt, and the problems that are yet to overcome.
Dr. Isaac Fānūs freely spoke his mind about the issues he found important. Dr. Fānūs was critical about ecclesiastical institutions and leadership, including those in his own Coptic Orthodox Church. In this interview religions are described as societal entities that humans have created and...
Majdī Khalīl categorizes the Coptic issues handled by the Egyptian press and media and into eight categories, and evaluates this handling.
While all Egyptians seem to agree on the importance of applying principles of citizenship and equality, and while everyone is calling for a more active role in political situations and the less political nature of religious institutions, many still argue about amending article two of the...
Coptic iconography lost the pioneer Izāk Fānūs. The following lines shed light on the artist and some of his masterpieces as represented by the Egyptian media.
Different Christian newspapers try to garner Coptic readers. Most of the papers are not of a good quality and most adopt exaggerated expressions to attract as many readers as possible.
An electric contact ignited the wooden classrooms on the roof of Mār Girgis Church in Sīdī Bishr Alexandria. Security services ordered that a fire hydrant be installed in order to combat potential fires in the church’s neighborhood.
Majdī Khalīl discusses the issue of assigning a quota in legislative councils and political posts for Copts, and holds the ruling regime and the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for the deteriorated conditions of Copts since the 1952 Revolution.
The author wonders about the increasing coverage of Coptic affairs in Egyptian press, and points to a number of specific periodicals that have increased their focus on such issues.
Following the storm raised over his recent book, ’Fitnat al-Takfīr Bayn al-Shī‘ah wa-al- Wahābīyah wa-al-Sūfīyah’ [Reviewer: The Sedition of Takfīr between Shī‘ah, Wahhābism and Ṣūfism], Islamic Intellectual Dr. Muhammad ‘Imārah "explicitly and unequivocally" apologized for quoting texts that...
The proposed constitutional amendments stress the importance of citizenship. The amendments cannot be achieved all at once, as there must be a cultural and social basis on which the amendments can be established. A secular state will fulfill the demands of most Egyptians, and Copts look forward to...
Bishop Mūsá meets the organizers of the conference on ‘Laymen’s View on Church Problems.’
A press review on a recent symposium about Copts’ participation in political life in Egypt. Participants of different perspectives expressed their viewpoints about the matter, and proposed practical steps to stimulate Copts’ participation in political life. The Muslim Brotherhood was also...
The transcript of an interview conducted by Cornelis Hulsman with Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, in which Mūsá provides a background of his work and publications. Mūsá further describes his own experiences and confrontations with the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt.
AWR’s year report shows the tremendous amount of work carried out in 2006. Comment on ‘Coptic Christian Fights Deportation to Egypt, Fearing Torture.’ in New York Times. Report on conversion stories presented on VCD.
Subtitles: Demonstration in front of the Egyptian consulate in New York; 16 Copts murdered per minute C.N.N.-TV; Egypt is a place of persecution. See how they treat monkeys and bears in the zoo. Mahmoud Wahba: Jews are using Copts to cover a disaster among them. Rose al- Yūsuf, July 28, is also...
Discussion of the history of the Majlis al-Mīllī, the Coptic Orthodox denominational council, and the current problems it faces.


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