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Michael ‘Ādil looks back on the main events of the year for the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The history of the Egyptian city Alexandria, formerly the “bride of the Mediterranean.”
The author traces the history of the town of Ansīna, in the governate of Minia, a former centre of Christian persecution.
The author discusses what kind of Middle East will emerge from the “ashes” of the recent conflict in Lebanon. He quotes different opinions on this matter – will a secular Middle East emerge or one controlled by “fanatic” Islamic administrations.
The author discusses the impact of feminist theology on the Episcopal Church in the U.S. and argues that it is fighting against Christian orthodoxy for its own personal interests. He regrets that the quality of dialogue between the Episcopal Church in the U.S. and other Christian denominations is...
This report summarizes some of the opinions of Egyptian intellectuals about the issue of deleting religious identity from on identity cards.
An examination of the crisis 25 years ago between President Sadat and the Coptic Orthodox Church, during which Pope Shenouda was confined in Anba Bishoi Monastery in the Western Desert, and banned from acting as patriarch of the Coptic Church. Many other bishops and priests were also detained, and...
Watani examines the discussions of whether or not to remove the religious identity information from the new computerized identity cards.
Christians making claims without any evidence about Muslims ‘Abducting Christian girls for conversion. Critique on an Al-Ahrār article for the way it expresses anger for Israeli violence.
This is the first article in a new series by Watani International on the history of the Egyptian people.


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