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In an attempt to trace how modern-day Egyptians came to be what they are today, and to mark their origins and the origin of their traditions, Watani is printing a monthly series on the history of the Egyptian people—as opposed to the widely known ‘official’ history of the rulers of Egypt.
The Coptic dossier has been the center of Egyptian media attention for the past few decades.
After the attacks on the churches in Alexandria, during which one Christian was killed, Youssuf Sidhom applauds the extensive Muslim condemnation of the attacks and the willingness of Egyptian members of parliament to protest against violations of Copts’ lives, security and places of worship, but...
A review of the book ‘Listening to Islam’ by Rev. John Watson, concerning dialogue between Muslims and Christians.
Discussion about creationism, including the comments of the Archbishop of Canterbury on the issue.
Discussion of the history of the Majlis al-Mīllī, the Coptic Orthodox denominational council, and the current problems it faces.
Both the grand imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī and the Coptic Orthodox patriarch, Pope Shenouda III, will hold a second meeting on Islamic-Christian dialogue in which the cartoon crisis will be discussed.
Sidhom writes about the recent problems in implementing the new computerized identity card scheme in Egypt, which is to be completed by 2007. He offers the stories of four people whose original papers were disputed when they attempted to gain new identity cards. Three of these people were...
Discussion of a draft resolution being studied by an Egyptian human rights watchdog pertaining to the building of houses of worship.
The prosecution of Qinā has renewed the detention of 12 defendants accused of involvement in the sectarian strife that took place in the village of al-‘Udaysāt, south of Luxor.


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