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The author wonders about priests’ private businesses and the view that clergymen have to be fully devoted to the duties and responsibilities of priesthood.
Sidhom writes about the latest efforts of the Egyptian government to ease the struggles of Copts who wish for free and equal rights regarding their houses of worship. Although the president seemed to take steps toward this end, the author fears that these steps are flawed at best, and scoffed,...
As al-Majlis al-Mīllī [Coptic Orthodox Denominational Council] elections draw near, some Coptic figures, intellectuals and clergymen have criticized the church for interfering in the elections. Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria has been accused of favoring a circle of Copts close to him....
The author provides a commentary on the Muslim Brotherhood, criticizing its actions and beliefs, and warning that it is gaining substantial ground toward becoming the political leaders of perhaps multiple Arab nations.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Abu al-Futouh spoke in this interview with al-‘ظگArabī about his controversial visit to Egyptian Nobel laureate Najīb Mahfouz within the group’s activities as being in contact with intellectuals in the society, as well as the group’s relations with Copts.
Sidhom briefly notes some comments from a convention of young Egyptians contributing to the co-existence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, who expressed grave concern over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which they said "deeply hurt” the feeling of Muslims regarding their sacred values.
Youssuf Sidhom addresses the issue of reconciliation between Muslims and Christains in Egypt, encouraging real, everyday interaction and mingling.
The author encourages Egyptians to register for voting cards and to participate in the democratization of Egypt.
Midhat Bishāy comments on an interview al-Safwa channel had with Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Bīshouy, in which the bishop discussed the issue of Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus.
Positive reactions to the appointment of Copt, Maj. General Majdī Ayoub Iskandar, as governor of Qinā.


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