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Visiting Nigerian imam and pastor in Cairo expound on their experiences in interfaith understanding The Arabic-language press carries many reports dealing with relations between the faiths and within the faiths.
Muhammad Habīb, the deputy murshid, commenting on Murshid cĀkif’s statements that the Muslim Brotherhood would respect existing treaties between Israel and Egypt, said any agreement concluded by a state "is not Qur’ān. It is human action that is subject to review.”
Memories of Dr. Otto Meinardus, and the position he took between two cultures, particularly in relation to his stance on Coptic Orthodox traditions.
Yousuf Sidhom writes about the Washington conference, whose resolutions have prompted a varied response within Egypt, with some calling the conference an act of treachery, and others attempting to understand the reasons for such a gathering.
An investigation into the Wafaa’ Costantine case, in which the wife of a Coptic priest converted to Islam, prompting sectarian strife.
A discussion of the events in Egypt that caused the Pope to be moved to tears.
AWR is still dealing with the ongoing postponement of obtaining an NGO status. Recommendation of a comment showing that much of Muslim-Christian tensions are under the surface.
A discussion of sectarian tensions and citizenship rights in Egypt, based on a discussion on Watani Forum.
Jirjis Hilmī ‘Āzir discusses the thorny issue of Egyptian Christians converting to Islam.
Obituary of Otto Meinardus, eminent Coptologist and prolific writer who died at the age of 79 on September 18, 2005.


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