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Opposition party newspaper, issued by Al-Arabī Nassirist party (Socialist Party)

Al-Azhar Counter-Extremism Observator was established in order to correct the misconceptions about Islam and refute the ideologies spread by violent islamists and terror organizations. By launching campaigns in 11 languages, the researchers behind the organization seek to address a broad target group. Moreover, the observatory aims towards weaken Islamophobia in the West. 


The Islamic Research Organisation, previously known as The Academy for Islamicjerusalem Studies (ISRA) was founded to mark the 1400th anniversary of the Muslim conquest of Islamicjerusalem by the second Caliph ('Umar Ibn al-Khattab)in 637A.D., a radical turning point in the history of the Muslim Arab East. The academy was established to advance Muslim education and research, with special referance to the promotion of studies and research into Islamicjerusalem studies. The organisation aims to advance better understanding, mutual respect and tolerance and good relation, dialogue and cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslim institutions, bodies and individuals whose aims are compatible with the aims of the organisation. It also aims to research the relationship between the Muslim and non-Muslim in Jerusalem.

 an independent Daily Egyptian opposition newspaper.

Arabic daily newspaper published in Jordan

Al Gomhuria ( English: The Republic) is an influential state-owned Egyptian Arabic Language daily newspaper. 

Islamist TV satellite station opposed to al-Sisi regime

The Islamic hotline service was created by Sharif Ismat Abdulmajid in order to answer people's inquiries about religion.