AWR Papers

Arab-West Report Papers

These papers discuss one subject at length and are reviewed by Egyptian and/or Western academics. This has resulted in a number of unique studies about subjects that are rarely covered in depth elsewhere. These papers are completed texts but texts from reviewers often include suggestions for further research.

Paper Number Date of Publication Title
50 2014-06-17 Writing a Her-story of Egypt. An Illustration of Islamic Women’s Movement in Post-colonial Egypt
49 2014-05-02 Coptic statistics in English and French literature (1900-1960)
48 2013-09-11 Christians as victims of the growing Islamist non-Islamist divide; the urgent need for peace and reconciliation
47 2013-08-01 Freedom of Religion in Egypt prior to the Egyptian Revolution
46 2013-06-09 Signs of hope; Muslims and Christian scholars working towards dialogue
45 2013-05-02 The Development of Egypt’s Constitution: Analysis, Assessment, and Sorting through the Rhetoric
44 2013-05-15 Mapping the Coptic Movements: Coptic Activism in a Revolutionary Setting
43 2011-12-19 Words and Reality - Governmental Implementation of the Egyptian Constitution 1981-2011 and the Potential of a New Nationalism to Emerge as a Basis for Constitutional Commitment
42 2012-12-08 Conversions of Christians to Islam; forced or free? Findings from 1995-1996
41 2012-10-22 Bjoern Bue’s Human Rights Memorial Lecture for 2012 - Love amidst fear and conflict: Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt 2012
40 2012-07-31 The Sharia as the Main Source of Legislation? The Egyptian Debate on Article II of the Egyptian Constitution
39 2012-06-20 Ancient Chains and Modern Silence - The Stagnation of Oral Transmission in the Muslim Tradition
38 2012-05-09 The Harms of Misreporting on Egypt’s Christians
37 2012-03-11 Coptic Population Figures in English Print Media
36 2011-05-23 Blessed Are They Who Are Persecuted for Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - Religious Resistance among Coptic Christians in Egypt (Bachelor Thesis)
35 2011-11-15 Dr. Rafīq Samuel Habīb: A Coptic Intellectual on Current Issues in Egyptian Political and Social Matters
34 2011-10-26 Analyzing Video Evidence from Maspero: Bloody Confrontations following the Coptic Protest of October 9, 2011
33 2011-10-22 What Happened in Mārīnāb Village?
32 2011-09-20 Coptic Orthodox Migration and Statistics: Shubra al-Khayma
31 2011-08-29 Coptic Orthodox statistics and migration in Maghāghah
30 2011-01-15 The Legal framework of Mosque building and Muslim religious affairs in Egypt: towards a strengthening of State control
29 2011-01-05 Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjār in the Egyptian press; polemics and controversy
28 2011-02-10 The context of the brutal attack on a Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria on January 1, 2011
27 2011-02-10 Egyptian Demonstrations and the Muslim Brotherhood
26 2010-02-27 Social Reconciliation: Pre- and Post-Conflict in the Egyptian Setting
25 2010-02-21 Social Harmony and Christian Community Participation: Evaluation of a Survey Distributed to Priest of Beba and el-Fashn
24 2010-02-27 Faith Based Conflict Resolution For the Muslim – Christian Conflict in Egypt
23 2010-02-27 Report on Reconciliation in the Egyptian Legal System: Including a Historical and Political Survey
22 2010-02-27 Reconciliation Sessions in the Egyptian Newspapers, 1998 to present: Analysis and Observations
21 2010-02-23 Izbet Bushra: Recording the Sources and Suggesting Reconciliation Following a Conflict over Church Building