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Public and military figures, and Muslim clerics attended the Easter celebrations at Qasr Al-Dubārah Evangelical Church. The most prominent participants at the event included 'Amr Mūsá, leader of the Egyptian Conference Party, Col. Ahmad 'Ali, official spokesman of the Armed Forces and Shaykh Mazhar...
Among statements disclosed to Associated Press (AP), the Egyptian author `Alā' al-Aswāni said “Freedom of expression is at its lowest point, worse than in the days of Husni Mubārak.” He added, that the authorities banned him last year from appearing on TV channels or getting published in Egyptian...
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced that it has arrested the cartoonist Islām Gāwīsh for 'managing an electronic web page without license, and for violating the law on intellectual property by using a pirate software'.
This meeting took place in a hotel on December 12, 2012, only days before the referendum on December 15. The text in this report has been approved by both the SGP delegation and Dr. George Missīhah.
[Editor-in-chief Cornelis Hulsman: we received this analysis from a friend of Arab-West Report. It is an interesting analysis but I do not fully agree and made my remarks in the text below.
This article highlights some Western misconceptions about Islam.
Dr. ‘Alā’ al-Aswānī narrates an example from his own life that proves to him that discrimination against Copts does exist in Egypt. He goes on to describe causes and examples of this increasing discrimination and urges Egyptians not to deny discrimination so that they might begin to combat it.
The author critiques what he views as widespread false religiousness in Egypt, and how this false display of belief is propagated and endorsed by the ruling regime.
The following presents an interview with Muhammad Hashem, owner of the Merit Publishing House.


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