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A new and unprecedent initiative launched by al-Azhar generated controversies, when the cover page of the mouthpiece of the prestigious religious institution ‘Ṣawt al-Azhar’ presented pics of Egyptian women not wearing the ‘Ḥijāb’ -the head cover of Muslim women.
Dr. Ahmad al-Sāwī, professor of doctrine and philosophy at Al-Azhar University , said that what the Israeli Knesset did to vote on a project that bans the Muslim call to prayer in Palestine, is extremism and a barbaric act that is not in accord with any freedom or international charters.
Background: This recording is of a conference that focuses on Coptic rights in Egypt through a historical examination of facts, the roots of the problems and some recommendations. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) organized small study groups in order to examine the topic in a...
Cultural centers in Egypt publish books that promote feelings of ftnah among Muslims and Christians.
A new law allows the courts to hear cases related to Orfi-marriage, a form of marriage not recognized until now by the official authorities.
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