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In the article, scores of thinkers comment on the proposed platform of the political party of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.
The article is the second episode of reviewing ‘Azīz Fahmī’s book: ‘Isqāṭ Naẓarīyat Sirā‘ al-Ḥaḍārāt wa-I‘ādat Taqdīm al-Islām lil-‘Aql al-Gharbī’ [Toppling the Theory of the Clash of Civilizations and Re-introducing Islām to the Western Mind] in which he responds to Huntington’s theory of the...
The article is based on a review of a book entitled, ‘Isqāt Nazarīyat Sirā‘ al-Ḥadārāt wa-I‘ādat Taqdīm al-Islām lil-‘Aql al-Gharbī’ [Toppling the Theory of Clash of Civilizations and Re-introduce Islām to the Western Mind] which responds to Samuel Huntington’s theory on the clash of civilizations...
Different views about the first report of the General Arab Journalists Union on press freedoms and the importance of every journalist knowing his rights and limits.
The author tackles the current crisis in Egyptian journalism and the differences between journalists and government on the sanctity and limits of journalism.
This file is about the Muslim Brotherhood. It contains a number of articles on the Brotherhood that discuss the future awaiting them, the problems of transforming into a party, changes within the group and other issues.
Recently, Egypt has witnessed an honest and great competition between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. We have found that the Christian is donating for building a mosque and the Muslim is donating for restoring a church for the Copts.
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