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Every year, a few hours prior to the start of the high school examinations, the Church of Saint Theresa in Shubrā is packed with thousands of students.
Television programs have a great effect on public opinion and often become topics of discussion. The author comments on Coptic television characters to date. He hopes for more and better Coptic roles in the future and for a special program each day for Copts. With an RNSAW comment.
Muslims and Christian mulids are celebrated in a similar way and are an expression of their happiness. Muslims are affected by the Christian celebrations and the celebrations of both of them carry Pharaonic features. All Egyptians celebrate the mulids of Sayeda Zeinab [Muslim], Al-Hussein [Muslim...
The tempo of attack on Egyptian actors and actresses has sharply increased in recent years. The number of cassette tapes released by unknown sheikhs who demonize the film industry outnumber the scores of kitsch albums launched every day into the market.
A brief overview of the Governorate of Sharqeyya and its people. It is the birth place of Ahmed ’Orabi1 and of many important notables of Egyptian society. Located at Egypt’s north-eastern frontier, it has been the only route for invading Egypt from the East since the days of the Hyksos. It has...
On the Internet Sheikh Abd El-Hamed Kishk becomes an aggressive star again. He attacks politicians, Arabic and foreign regimes, artists, sport and football players.
An extensive feature on the market for religious audio tapes.
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