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At the police station of al-Haram district in Giza, a police report has been bailed against ′Abd-al-Halῑm Qandῑl, the editor in chief of Sawt -al-‘Ummah Newspaper, and ′Isām Ismā′ῑl, the board chairman of the same. 
Al-Azhar appealed to President Muḥammad Mursī to emphasize the rule of law and work on bringing all political powers together at the dialogue table to renounce schism and provide a proper and rational atmosphere to finalize a consensus constitution expressive of all segments of the Egyptian people...
At a conference organized by the Syndicate of Egyptian Journalists, Islamic thinker Dr. Safwat al-Hijāzī criticized shaykhs working at the recently shut-down religious satellite channels for their passive attitudes. He said that the authorities proposed four conditions, which, if met, would allow...
The article sheds light on the repercussions of Pope Shenouda’s pledge to support Jamāl Mubārak if he is nominated to rule Egypt.
The author presents the viewpoints of politicians and observers concerned in Egyptian-Israeli relations and the question of the normalization of relations. The article highlights the contradictions that characterize the relations between the two countries.
The author comments on articles from the Egyptian press this month, in particular stories about houses of worship and the unified law for houses of worship and the second anniversary of the constitutional amendments.
Qandīl attacks Bishop Bīshūy, general secretary of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church and accuses him of abusing his position as a clergyman to gain power and judge the faith of people.
Although the banned Muslim Brotherhood group has been subjected to a massive security crackdown that resulted in the arrest of hundreds of its members and key figures, it has announced that it would run in the forthcoming elections for the local councils.
The following presents an interview with Muhammad Hashem, owner of the Merit Publishing House.
Four Egyptian editors have been sentenced to a one-year jail sentence with hard labor and given fines for publishing false information about President Husnī Mubārak suffering from a serious health condition to undermine national security. The following report discusses the reactions of the four...


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