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The article presents a brief review of some literary works on the hajj, to show how literature has been influenced by religious values in society.
Portraying the role of Muslim orthodox Caliphs in drama has been forbidden before in Egypt and other Arab countries.
In 1970, the Islamic World Union sent the Azhar a statement in which it objected to shooting the film “The Message” about the life of the Prophet. The statement did not only aim at controlling the production of “The Message” but at establishing a new policy for making religious movies in general....
The polemic da’iya Shereen taught hundreds of women, from different social strata, to hold to their Islamic principals, and dedicated her efforts to extend religious culture, but she decided not to squeeze herself in issuing Fatwas "religious decrees", and she won’t defend herself as God defends...
Some Muslims do not like to see the link between Sham en-Nessim and Easter, the Christian feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is denied in Islam.
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