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Headline: September 11 is an American conspiracy, says Shaykh ‘Abd al-Majīd al-Zindānī Source: Al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī Page: 24-25Author: Ilhāmī al-MalījīKeywords: Shaykh ----------------------------- Headline: In 2011...Copts expecting increase in sectarian fitnah and clashes between church and country...
Al- Zindanī’s fatwa on ’friend marriage’ has caused a wide controversy in religious circles as well as public opinion.
The article presents the different views of Azhar scholars on the fatwa of friend marriage that was issued by sheikh Abdel Magid Al-Zindani.
The paper comments on the fatwa of Yemeni Sheikh Al-Zandani concerning the new form of marriage he initiated, that is "marriage friend." The majority of Muslim religious and psychology scholars reject the fatwa.
Sheikh Al-Zindani clarifies the issue of “marriage friend” basing on very important aspects of lawful marriage.
The Mufti of Egypt stated that he agrees with Yemeni Sheikh Al-Zanadani concerning his fatwa called “marriage friend.” Other scholars expressed their rejection of the fatwa.
The article is a comment on the fatwa of Yemeni Sheikh Abdel-Mageed Al-Zanadani who suggested having a new marriage system called “marriage friend” instead of the boy/girl friend system in the West. The fatwa was issued to help Muslim youth in the West to commit to the Islamic principles. The...
The article is a comment on the fatwa of Yemeni Sheikh Al-Zindani. The author believes that the fatwa should also be applied in the Arab-Islamic world, where youth have many problems, mainly economic, that does not help them to get married – which may cause them commit sin.
Sheikh Abdel-Magid Al-Zindani, the chairman of consultative [Shura] Council of the Yemeni Islah [Reform] Party and the president of the Islamic Research University, calls for creating a new marriage bond called “Zawaj [marriage] friend” instead of the Western system “girl friend,” which allows...
The first day of Rajab is a memorable day for most of the Yemenis. On this day most Yemenis embraced Islam. This is celebrated by Sufi’s in the Al-Ganad Mosque. Their ceremonies are, however, strongly opposed by some religious leaders who call their form of worship a kind of heresy.
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