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Report: The confiscation of Muslim Brotherhood’s properties begins in Jordan London Newspaper “al-Hayāh” mentioned on Sunday that the Jordanian authorities began the confiscation of properties of the MB and annexed them to the “Brotherhood” association, which was recently granted the permission to...
The Jordanian monarch calls for parliamentary elections amidst fears of an increase in the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan.
Dr. Rifa’at Al-Said’s recent yet-another-controversial book “Hassan Al-Banna, the armed sheikh” is focusing on the moment when the da’wa [Call to Islam] via wisdom and affability turns into armed violence. This sums up the idea of the book considering many people’s defense of Hassan Al-Banna, on...
A senior Muslim Brotherhood official suggested Saturday there was still time for dialogue between the government and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, after four of the group’s officials were expelled to Qatar.
The Muslim Brotherhood movement on Friday urged the government allow deported Hamas leaders to return to Jordan and launch a dialogue with the Palestinian group.
There was a general sense of mea-culpa among Muslim Brotherhood officials on Monday, one day after a surprise decision to "transfer" four detained Hamas leaders abruptly ended their six-week-long mediation between the government and the Islamic Resistance Movement.
Four leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, were released on Sunday and flown to Qatar after the case against them was dropped, Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh said.
The government and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on Saturday failed to reach a breakthrough to the deadlock amid signs that the government might refer the case of Hamas detainees to the State Security Court in few days if the Palestinian group refused to comply with Jordan’s conditions.
The optimism that followed the first round of negotiations between the Jordanian government and the Muslim Brotherhood to secure the release of Hamas resistance movement leaders from Jordanian jails seems to have ebbed.
Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Majali on Friday said the government has not yet received any response from Hamas on its proposals to end the two-month-old crisis.


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