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President Sadat was very worried about the growth of the Nasserist and leftist trends among university students. That is why he thought of letting the Islamic trend grow and flourish and use them to confront the Nasserist and leftist trends. The Gama’at Al-Islamiya existed already during the last...
With the elections of the syndicates approaching threats are raised, tensions develop and concerns are voiced. The most important issue is the penetration of the Brotherhood in those syndicates.
The note which was found in the wallet of one of the suspects in the last lawsuit of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a key document in the lawsuit. The note is entitled "the syndicates’ membership department" which is described as one of the technical offices supervised by the guidance office of the...
Learned sources within the Muslim Brotherhood organization unveiled that currently a fierce struggle is taking place within the circles of leadership of the organization over their position regarding the issue of nomination of President Hosni Mubarak for the fourth presidential term.


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