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The inheritors, considering acting to be a sin, have burned all of Hussein Sedki’s films. The issue is whether acting is forbidden or not. Sedki was a veteran Egyptian actor.
[also in Al-Osbua, July 6, 1998] The governor of Cairo, Abdel-Rahim Shehata, issued a decree dissolving the Azhar Ulama Front according to directions from a higher religious authority.
The writer replies to what he views as attacks on Islamists writers who confront communist and secular writers. The current case being that of Dr. Bayoumi’s defense of Dr. Hassan Hanafi.
[Editor in April 2002: This response was written for the RNSAW and at the same time offered for publication to an Egyptian publication. We can no longer trace in our archive which publication this was] Dr. Yehia Ismael Halboush claimed that Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi judges by double standards as he...
Dr. Yehia Ismail attacks Dr. Abdel Mo’ti Bayoumi for defending Dr. Hassan Hanafi. In a comment on this article Dr. van Nispen argues that this attack of Dr. Ismail is unfair because he takes quotes of Hanafi out of context.
15 members of the Azhar scholar’s front met and decided to change the president, the secretary general and the first deputy of the front. The three that were ousted were the same people who led the campaign against the Sheik of the Azhar. A spokesman for the front was also appointed to block the...
Interrogations are underway in the Azhar University with a number of the leaders of the Azhar scholars front.
Profile of the left wing sheik, Khalil Abdel Karim
Destour published a text of extremists calling for the death of three Coptic businessmen which led to the subsequent closure of the newspaper and a discussion in the Egyptian press on the (limits of the) freedom of the press. In this week’s translation only the text of the statement of the...


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